Proper care of your waste water system is critical to the operation of your monitor panel and your dumps valves. The secret to good air quality in (and around) your RV lies with finding an effective holding tank chemical and applying the proper amount based on use and ambient temperature. It is important to note some brands work more effectively than others! If you are experiencing unpleasant odors from your holding tank(s), try switching brands to something proven to work before thinking something may be wrong with the plumbing.

Components of the gray water systems have drain traps, and both tanks (black tank for toilet waste and gray tank for sinks and showers) are vented to equalize air pressure and disperse odors caused by drain water and wastes outside. Sometimes, the rocking movement of the recreational vehicle while driving may empty the drain traps of their water and allow odors of the gray water tank to enter the RV. Residue in the drain water lines can also produce odors. To combat gray water holding tank odors, an approved deodorizing agent should be used. An agent that dissolves grease and fats and contains a detergent will help keep tanks and the lines clean and free flowing.

Always use RV toilet tissue and RV chemical in your toilet tank (black tank) and  plenty of water to reduce odor and to make dumping easier. If you’re RV did not come equipped with a black tank flush to clean your tank you should have one installed or use a black tank flush wand. This will help remove all waste after you have emptied you black tank.

You should flush the black tank before emptying the gray tank. This will help flush out the pipes and sewer hose. For more information on dumping your tanks see tip on how to empty your tanks.

When staying at a park for a long period do not leave your valves open thinking everything will run out of the black tanks. This will not happen in your black tank. Leaving the black tank valve open will cause liquids to drain, leaving solid waste behind to harden on the bottom of the tank. Do not dump the black-water tank until it is at least two-thirds full. When the tanks are full pulling the valve creates a mini vacuum effect, sucking the solid waste out with the water.

It is not uncommon to have an improper tank level reading from your monitor panel. These sensors are inside the tank and will become corroded over time and will give a false reading if they are not periodically cleaned. This can be done by using a tank flush and by always using chemical and RV toilet tissue.

Periodically you should use a drain valve lubricant down the drains to lube the valves and keep them working properly.


Check your dump valve cap to ensure it is place before every trip. It is illegal in most states to be driving with your cap not in place.