One of the biggest discussions around RV floorplans often comes down to the bathroom. Is a wet bath enough? Do you need a full bath? Do you have bad impressions of one or the other? In this week’s blog post we’ll discuss an RV wet bath vs dry bath.

Definitions of a dry bath and wet bath

A dry bath is what you’d typically expect to find in a home, only an RV one is much smaller. It usually has a shower (sometimes a very small bathtub/shower), with a separate toilet, sink, and some storage. A wet bath will also have a toilet, but the difference is that the entire space of the bathroom is also your shower. The whole space can get wet. There might or might not be a tiny sink and there will be a dry place (covered) for TP, usually.

Rpod wet bath vs full bath
RPOD 171 Wet Bath

Wet Bath vs Dry Bath

There are pros and cons to each.  The biggest benefit of a dry bath is that you have more space and more storage. BUT with that extra space and storage comes a bigger and heavier RV. While the differences might seem minimal, having 5 less feet to tow can end up being a big deal.

With a wet bath, yes, the entire space gets wet, but it’s designed to. You’ll have more space in your RV for living because the bathroom is taking up less. However, you’ll also lose out on what could be valuable storage space.

RPod Full Bath
RPOD Dry Bath

What’s the best?

There are so many other factors that can help you choose an RV.  From length and weight to the floorplan itself, in the end the wet vs dry bath issue might not be a big one. If you’re torn between two RVs that are similar in all ways except the bath, well then you’ve got a big decision to make! Look at the storage in both.  If you choose the one with the wet bath, will you still have plenty of room to store everything? If you choose the dry bath, does it add too much to the length or infringe on space you’d rather just have for living space?

Make sure to spend some time in each RV. Hop in the shower space and see how the space works for you. We’ve got options on the lot with both wet baths and dry baths. Come out and see us and find your next home away from home!