We’ve written before about the benefits of truck campers. We’ve also written about pop-up campers.  But the fact of the matter is, that when it comes time for you to choose your first RV, you’ll see pros and cons to every type of RV out there.  Even with a great little Rockwood Mini Lite in our driveway, we still do it too! Every time we go camping we sort of get that “the grass is greener” syndrome. We see the reasons why other campers chose what they did, whether it’s a fifth wheel, a Class C motorhome, or an A-Frame pop-up.  So we’ve put together some of the pros of each type of camper available here at Bob Scott RV in Grand Junction.  We know over time you’ll narrow down your options and make a decision, but just know that every type of camper has its place – it just depends on your budget, lifestyle, and camping personality.

Motorhomes:  We don’t stock new motorhomes, but we often have a few used motorhomes available in Grand Junction on our lot. They range in size from Class C to Class A and are often great starter motorhomes because they’re more affordable than brand new ones.  Motorhomes are a good option if:

  • You hate the thought of having to back a trailer of any size into a camping space.
  • You take a lot of road trips where you’re frequently moving from one campsite to another.
  • You have pets or kids and want the freedom of being able to have everyone/thing in a safe space without having to relocate the cats from the truck to the camper once you get to your destination.

Travel Trailers: Travel trailers are probably the most popular option on our lot.  They also are the majority of our inventory.  Travel trailers come in a variety of sizes and styles, from teardrop (which we’ll talk more about below) to ones over 30′ long. Travel Trailers:

  • Offer versatility.  Some are quite simple and lightweight while others have several slides, multiple bed options, and outdoor grilling areas or kitchens.
  • Are great for bigger families and often include great kid options like bunk beds.
  • Have indoor showers, large holding tanks, and enough storage for full-time RVing.
  • Travel trailers also often have awnings, which are great to have when you’d like to sit outside even when the weather isn’t so great.


Teardrops: Teardrops are technically travel trailers, but of a much smaller variety.  They often include a dinette/bed combo, a little bit of storage, and sometimes (but not always) a wet bath. Consider a [email protected] or [email protected] teardrop if:

  • You really enjoy the outside camping experience but just want a place with a warm bed and perhaps a heater.
  • You have a smaller SUV and want something easy to tow without having to buy a new vehicle.
  • You’re traveling solo or with just one other person and don’t need a lot of room for your weekend excursions.


Fifth Wheel campers at Bob Scott RV

Fifth Wheels: Fifth wheels are similar to travel trailers in that they come in a variety of sizes (though we don’t stock any under about 28′).  They often come with toy hauler models and offer lots of space and luxury features.  You might choose a fifth wheel if:

  • You need a toy hauler option to take your ATV with you on camping trips.
  • You plan to take some longer trips and are looking for an RV with plenty of storage options, entertainment options, and space.
  • You have a large family and need room for the cats, dogs, kids, etc.
  • You’re considering being a full-time RVer.


Tent Campers – Pop-up tent campers are great options for young families, for those who want something easy to tow, and for those looking for a smaller, inexpensive hard-sided option for traveling to places like Yosemite National Park, which require hard-sided campers.  Consider a tent camper if:

  • You’re ready to move up from a tent but need an inexpensive option with room for your spouse and your 2-3 kids.  (Traditional pop-ups work well for this)
  • You’re taking lots of road trips and want something easy to tow and set up with room for you and your spouse to lounge on rainy days.  (A-Frame pop-ups are good for couples)
  • You’re staying places that offer bathrooms and showers, so those aren’t a necessity for your camper.  (Though some models do offer cassette toilets or wet baths)



Truck Campers – Truck Camper styles vary widely these days from ones with slide outs to smaller, lightweight pop-ups.  Truck campers are great if:

  • You plan to “boondock” frequently, traveling down 4-wheel drive roads to find remote camping spots.
  • You don’t want to have to tow a camper but like the idea of having a camper!
  • You don’t need a ton of truck storage space for kayaks, golf clubs, etc.