If you’ve seen posts lately from us or other RV dealers on RV Covers, you may be asking yourself why do I need an RV cover? After all, your RV is fine, right? It’s protected by it’s aluminum or fiberglass siding.  Sure, it is, BUT…your RV sits in the sun all year long. It gets pelted with rain, sometimes hail, and snow in the winter. The sun’s rays beat down on it during the summer.  All of that can damage the outside of your RV. So when you ask, “Why do I need an RV Cover” we say:Why do I need an RV Cover

  • RV Covers protect your RV from fading. Over time the paint colors and decals on your RV can fade.  An RV Cover can help prevent that.
  • RV Covers protect your fiberglass from weakening. Sun, rain and wind can all weaken your RV’s exterior over time. Using an RV cover can help prevent that, or at least help delay it!
  • RV Covers protect your RV from unknown leaks. If you keep your RV covered when you’re not using it, if it rains and you’ve got a leak you’ll be protected. If your RV sits all winter long, with a leak you didn’t know about, and no protection, you could end up with a big mess come next spring.
  • RV Covers help protect your windows and doors too. They’re an added layer of protection against birds and debris that may come in contact with your windows. They also offer a bit of extra theft deterent.

If you’re ready to pick up an RV cover for your RV, come see us at 2302 Grand Park Drive in Grand Junction. Our parts and service center can help you find or order the right RV Cover for your needs.  Ready for winterization? We can help you schedule that with us too!