Camping in winter may not be much of a problem for you, if you live in Florida, Arizona, or southern Texas. You might be able to camp year round without ever having to winterize your camper! We’re a bit jealous of that. Still, we have some winter camping tips for those of you who might live in areas where the temps drop and the snow falls.

winter camping tipsDRY CAMPING

Unless you have a 4-season RV, you’ll be dry camping during the winter. This means you can’t use your water pump or store water in your fresh water tank. Be sure to pack plenty of water in portable storage containers (gallon jugs, etc) and keep them inside your camper so they won’t freeze.  You won’t be able to use your shower either, but you can certainly heat up water on the stove for a quick sponge bath and toss that gray water outside. (Note: if possible use a biodegradable soap when doing this).


For winter camping it’s best to find a campground with facilities.  There are some, like Ridgway’s Dakota Terrace loop, that remain open all season long with electric hookups. This means you’re ensured electricity and you don’t have to worry so much about your battery running down in the cold weather. Of course, having a solar panel is helpful for that too.

Camping at a campground also means you have access to showers and flush toilets. While it is possible to use your RV toilet in the winter, your life will be much easier if you have a bathroom available close by.


Your camper’s heater can do a great job of keeping you warm.  With programmable thermostats now, it’s easy to set it and forget it. Be sure to take plenty of layers of clothing, your jackets, etc. In fact, if it’s possible, we recommend leaving a spare jacket, hat, and gloves in your camper just in case someone forgets.

Camping in the winter, with these winter camping tips, can be a blast! You’ll experience solitude and a totally different type of beauty than what we often see in the summer. It’s an experience worth trying out, if you can!  Looking for a new camper? See what we’ve got in stock and on the way!