It seems RVing and camping often follow a similar path: no matter how you started camping, you’ll most likely go through a period of “car” camping with tents and lots of outdoor camping “stuff.” Eventually, often when you have kids or get a little older and have more money, you’ll purchase your first RV! Most first-time RV buyers think: this is the perfect RV for us! And it that time.

Your RV lifestyle changes 1740RK

Over time, though, your RV Lifestyle Changes. At first you may be looking for simplicity and something easy to tow.  After all, you’re just breaking into this RV world! It can be overwhelming to go from nothing to a 40′ travel trailer. That 20′ R-Pod may be just perfect! But…

Things change, and there’s nothing wrong with that. This is why we often have a great selection of used RVs on our lot. As you age or as your family changes, your RV lifestyle changes too. This can mean a change in RVs is necessary for any of the following reasons:

  • You need more space because now there are kids and dogs to camp with.
  • You need a bigger kitchen because you’ve developed better cooking skills.
  • That outdoor shower just isn’t cutting it anymore.
  • You’re boondocking more often and need bigger holding tanks and room for a generator.
  • You’d like a different bed/dinette/living room layout or set up.
  • You want to downsize!

Tab Solo

All of these are valid reasons to search for a new RV.  Different seasons of life bring differnt RV needs and even those of us who work in the industry have experienced this. We may start with the “perfect” RV and decide it’s not quite roomy enough…and then get a larger one and decide, “this bed set up doesn’t work for us…” The great news is that there are SO many RVs out there! (Well, currently we’re still experiencing a shortage, but in general there are.) You can search around for one that is perfect for NOW. In five years, something else may be perfect and we’ll work with you on a trade in or add your old camper to our lot on consignment.


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